What Is HypnoMag?

HypnoMag is an international, multilingual online hypnosis magazine that incorporates various other topics around healing professions and methods such as EFT, EMDR & NLP. HypnoMag is published 4 times a year. It relies on many international hypnosis experts and their knowledge and capability, as well as their need for imparting this knowledge. We also strive to give young and aspiring hypnotherapists a platform and to showcase new ideas. Once a year, an additional printed edition is published, which is distributed in German and English at the International Hypnosis Convention.

Why HypnoMag?

HypnoMag is a neutral magazine of methods, schools and associations striving to impart knowledge and promote the profession of the therapist. Its attractive, modern and fresh design aims to increase the value of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in general, as well as other techniques such as EMDR, EFT and NLP. HypnoMag is also meant to help make knowledge, information and techniques accessible, shared with everyone in a simple way, and to make readers aware of products, services and events.

Mission / Vision

Our mission: To support knowledge sharing, mutual learning and interaction, all in one attractive, entertaining package – HypnoMag. Hypnosis and other techniques should be explained expertly, objectively and professionally, made clearer and the profession of the therapist promoted. We want to surprise and fascinate our readers as well as make them proud of the field of work they are in. The science of therapeutic procedures and assistance should contribute definitively to the further acknowledgment of hypnosis as well as related methods. If we succeed in helping people to become healthier faster and to take fewer medications, then we are doing something right. We also want to improve the learning experience of our readers and create added value with HypnoMag’s interactive design.

The Editors

All of us on the editorial staff have backgrounds. These, however, are checked at the door. We place a high value on illuminating, demonstrating and sharing the most diverse facets of hypnosis in a value-neutral manner and yet, not uncritically. Though we certainly have opinions, we are happy to have competent specialists and experts show us new ways and means. Everyone can take from this whatever is right for them.

Our Team

Editor in chief Sandra Blabl
Publisher Hansruedi Wipf / Hypnose.net
Authors see magazine
Design, layout,
production, editing
Software 3D Issue Online Magazin


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Issue 1 - 4 still available.